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HOPE Christian Academy

Church School (AL 16-28-1) Outreach, Union Grove Baptist Church

Romans I:II-I2

HOPE Co-Op Classes 

Due to safety concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, the HOPE Christian Academy Cooperative Teaching Day will open registration as usual, but will not confirm registration until August 1st. The health and safety of our students is our top priority. That being said, we will only host HOPE Co-Op if it is clear that our students are safe to take classes together. We will not offer a virtual option on Tuesdays. Our Monday classes (high school only) will have a virtual option. All facilities fees and supply fees (paid directly to the teachers) will be due the week of August 1-7. Thank you for your patience and understanding. May the Lord bless us all with good health and a cure for COVID-19.

Enrollment Closed. Enrollment for Fall 2021 will open on April 20th to existing members and May 25th to new members.

HOPE Christian Academy has a Cooperative Teaching Day every Tuesday. Registration in HOPE Christian Academy's Church School is a requirement for Cooperative participation. In 2021-22 we will meet on Tuesdays 9am-4pm at Union Grove Baptist Church, New Market, Alabama. For more information about the HOPE Christian Academy Co-Op, call Constance Gillon (256) 513-9212. 

The HOPE Co-Op deadline for registration, and payment of registration fees for FALL Semester is August 1st, and SPRING Semester is December 15th.

 You may review our 2021-22 class schedule 


1. You must register with the HOPE Christian Academy church school HERE. If you have not already registered for the church school, you may pay your tuition upon registration availability.

2. You must download, complete, and sign the HOPE Co-Op Rules/Registration Packet  HERE.  Please email a copy with "HOPE C0-Op Rules" as the subject to: [email protected]

3. After completing the first 2 steps, you must submit the $35 per student per semester Facilities Fee (link TBA). Please have pop-ups enabled for PayPal, as (upon payment of your facilities fee) PayPal will automatically redirect you to the page to register for classes and list your preferred volunteer position(s). IF you are not redirected by PayPal, please call our Director at 256-513-9212.


FALL SEMESTER: Class schedule HERE.

First semester classes begin the second week of September and finish the third week of December. Current members have class space priority until June 1st.

SPRING SEMESTER: Class Schedule TBA in November.

Second semester classes begin the first full week of January and finish the end of April. Current members have space priority until December 1st. 


The HOPE Co-Op Facilities Fee is only $35 per student per semester. Only those enrolled with HOPE Christian Academy are eligible to participate in the HOPE Co-Op. Families MAY, however, be dual enrolled with another school while participating in the HOPE Co-Op. Each family is required to teach one class or assist in teaching two class hours (Preschool is no longer an option). Families with Preschool aged children must volunteer for at least 1 hour (in addition to other commitments) in the Nursery. The Nursery is only available to younger siblings of those enrolled in classes, as we do not have Preschool classes.

For more information, please contact Constance Gillon (256) 513-9212.