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AAlabama Homeschool 101

Getting Started: Homeschool 101 provides foundational information for all Alabama Homeschoolers. There is a FREE gift at the

end of this  SLIDE SHOW presentation.

Church School Option:

Choosing a Church School in Alabama can be difficult, as the options are numerous! We highly recommend that you and your spouse pray & discuss all the following topics before selecting a church school covering for your family:

*Level of Reporting Required by School   *HSLDA membership required (or not)

*Curriculum Choice                                        *Field trip availability

*Statement of Faith (required or not)        *Mandatory Meetings (required or not)

*Lesson Plan Requirements                          *Parent Support Availability

*Cost of Tuition                                                *Transcript Preparation by School (or not)

*Diploma Prepared by School (or not)        *Graduation available or not (and cost)

*Dual College Enrollment                              *Educational Website Memberships

While we prefer HOPE Christian Academy, we would like to ensure you find the church school that best suits your needs. Here is a Google Spreadsheet prepared by some local homeschoolers that will help you decide what church school will best suit your needs:

Connecting Socially:

Socialization is the SINGLE most common argument against homeschooling. HOPE Christian Academy's Support Group hosts 20+ activities each month. Membership is included with church school tuition.

Other Important Things To Consider:

HSLDA Membership - While HOPE Christian Academy does not require HSLDA membership, we do encourage it. HSLDA is prepaid legal assistance for homeschool families. They are a wealth of useful homeschooling information. They are also lobby our legislators to benefit homeschool families. You can save $20 by using the HOPE Christian Academy Discount # 210124.

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