HOPE Christian Academy - Church School (AL 16-28-1) Outreach, Union Grove Baptist Church
Official Forms Requests:

Official Forms Request:

The FIRST  official transcript is FREE! After the first transcript or official form is requested, a fee of $15 will be assessed prior to fulfilling that request. Transcript requests will ONLY be honored from parent/guardian or from the student if they are at least 18 years old at the time of the request. Official transcripts will ONLY be mailed to a SCHOOL address.

IF you plan to transfer to another school, per the registration agreement, you must complete the following steps BEFORE requesting a transcript:
                      1. Submit your child(ren)'s last semester grades.
                      2. Complete the WITHDRAWAL FORM, sign it, and mail it to:
                                      HOPE Christian Academy
                                      Attention: Records Transfer
                                      2317 Meridian Street, Suite 2104
                                      Huntsville, AL 35811
                        3. Upon receipt of your completed Withdrawal Form, you may 
                             request an Official Transcript (see request form below).

Per Alabama LAW, students ages 14-15 require a Work Permit. You may request the appropriate certification using the form below.

The Alabama Department of Motor Vehicles requires proof of enrollment to obtain a learner's permit and/or driver's license. Please familiarize yourself with student driving regulations HERE. You may request the appropriate verification using the form below.

Please use the following PayPal link to pay for transcript requests:  <LINK>

Use this PayPal link to pay for EXPRESS forms requests (48 hour emailed transcript service AFTER you call 256-513-9212 to confirm availability): <LINK>

HOPE Christian Academy Official Forms Request
Student First Name:
Student Last Name:
Student Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY):
Person Requesting Official Form: By my e-signature below, hereby certify that the information on this form is accurate. I am the legal parent or guardian of the student listed OR am the student listed (age 19 an up). I hereby acknowledge that official forms requests take 4-6 weeks to process unless I request EXPRESS Form Processing (for an additional fee).
NOTICE: I hereby certify that I am the parent/guardian or the student listed on this transcript request. Unauthorized use of this form constitutes fraud and is punishable by law.
Transcripts require SCHOOL name, postal address, and phone number. Other forms will be mailed to the address on record:
Payment Method:
FIRST Transcript or Official Forrm is FREE
PayPal (no checks please)
I understand that official forms requests take 4-6 weeks to process unless I request EXPRESS Form Processing (for an additional fee).
Type of Official Form Requested:

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