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Getting Started    

Legal Options for Homeschooling in Alabama:
1. Church Cover School - (Preferred) Your church school sets most requirements, as church schools are exempt from most state regulations (except attendance reporting)
2. Private Tutor - Primary instructor must be a licensed, certified teacher (with a valid teaching certificate). Families are subject to weekly reporting to the local DOE (Department of Education), standardized testing, and attendance requirements.
3. Private School In Home - You can create a private school in your home, but you are subject to ALL regulations and reporting of any private school. 
Read the HSLDA analysis of the AL Homeschool Laws:

Choosing a Church Cover School:
Choosing a Church School in the state of Alabama can be difficult. We highly recommend that you and your spouse discuss all the following topics before selecting a church school covering:
     *level of reporting required by school
     *HSLDA membership required (or not)
     *curriculum choice
     *field trip availability
     *statement of Faith (required or not)
     *mandatory meetings (required or not)
     *lesson plan requirements
     *parent support availability
     *cost of tuition
     *transcript preparation by school (or not)
     *diploma prepared by school (or not)
     * graduation available or not (and cost)
     *dual college enrollment
     *education website memberships
While we prefer HOPE Christian Academy, we would like to ensure you find the church school that best suits your needs. Here is a Google Spreadsheet prepared by some local homeschoolers that will help you decide what church school will best suit your needs: <LINK>

Disenrolling from Current School: 
AFTER you enroll in a church school, you will receive a Church School Enrollment Form. That form acts as your transfer paperwork for the school system. Please submit a COPY of that form (keep your originals).

Curriculum Choice: There are SO many choices! 
Online Curriculum - This is the fastest growing style of learning due to the ease of use. It usually entails little effort on the part of the instructor, but also includes little (if any)  handwritten work. There are several FREE options available online.
Curriculum Sets - There are multiple choices for all students both online and at local stores. There are multiple online Used Curriculum Facebook pages available, as well as many local used curriculum sales. Feel free to check out some great curriculum suggestions on our Helpful Homeschool Links Page.
Eclectic Curriculum - Some of us choose to use curriculum from multiple publishers and integrate media throughout the lessons. Local libraries and used curriculum sales are the best way to find a good variety of curriculum for this type of lesson planning.

Connecting Socially: 
Socialization is the SINGLE most common argument against homeschooling. HOPE Christian Academy's Support Group hosts 20+ activities each month.

Other Important Things To Consider:
HSLDA Membership - While HOPE Christian Academy does not require HSLDA membership, we do encourage it. HSLDA is prepaid legal assistance  for homeschool families. They are a wealth of useful homeschooling information. They are also lobby our legislators to benefit  homeschool families. 
The HOPE Christian Academy Discount # 210124
College Dual Enrollment - Many homeschooolers wish to earn college credit during their junior & senior years.  Most colleges offer a dual enrollment program.
N2 College - Upon registration, N2College will send monthly "assignments" to both parent and student. These assignments are designed to maximize your student's scholarship potential. Scholarships are available in grades K-12. Call N2College to receive your HOPE Christian Academy discount of 50% OFF. 



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